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Rhinoplasty – A New Perspective

Rhinoplasty – also called a nose job’ – is more than a cosmetic procedure. It involves a journey of change. Many reasons are given for choosing this surgery, including improving breathing problems and changing the appearance of their noses for aesthetic harmony. Take a look at what makes the rhinoplasty process tick and how it continues to attract many. Get expert advice and guidance at Portland Rhinoplasty Center today.

Let’s discuss what happens in a rhinoplasty. The surgeon adjusts cartilage or bone in the nose. This could be as small as shaving off a bump or as major as reconstructing the nose. Each procedure involves a highly individualized plan based upon the surgeon’s knowledge and the patient’s goals.

A common myth is that rhinoplasty aims to improve your appearance. This view overlooks those that need surgery because of medical reasons like a deviated pharynx which can cause breathing difficulties and chronic sinusitis. Rhinoplasty provides a functional benefit for these individuals that goes beyond aesthetics. It is about quality of living.

Rhinoplasty also has an emotional impact that should not be undervalued. For many people, their nose is a source for self-consciousness and ridicule. If you change its shape, it can improve your body image and self-esteem. Although the effects are difficult to quantify they are profoundly transformational.

Recovery after rhinoplasty can also be a subject rife in myths and misconceptions. It’s true that there will be swelling after rhinoplasty, but you may also feel like wearing sunglasses in the weeks following surgery even if it’s overcast. Recovery does not happen overnight; it is a process that requires patience and attention. Surgeons advise their patients to use cold compresses on the affected area to reduce swelling.

Imagine sleeping with 2 extra pillows under your pillow without falling. You’re building a pillow-fort almost every night.

Cost is also an important factor to consider. Rhinoplasty costs a lot, but your investment could be worth it in terms of comfort and confidence. Comparing the before and after pictures can be an exciting reveal party. Feeling renewed is more important than just looking different.

To those concerned about pain, let’s set the record straight. Modern surgical techniques have become so sophisticated that they cause minimal discomfort post-surgery. Most patients describe their recovery as more inconvenient rather than painful, due to breathing difficulties caused by the nose and the necessity to sleep upright.

Choose the right surgeon carefully. A qualified professional is not only an expert, they understand how even subtle changes in facial symmetry can have a profound impact on aesthetics. They are both sculptors and scientists, combining precision medicine with artistry.

Reassure yourself that you can make a significant change to your appearance and function by taking this step. Surgery can do wonders, but it isn’t like a magician waving his magic wand.

We’ll also talk briefly about timing in rhinoplasty. Most surgeons will advise patients to wait until their facial growth is completed, usually between 16-18 years. However, individual circumstances can make exceptions.

It’s helpful to know all the facts before making a decision.