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Central Coast Green Spaces: How to Master them

Right central coast lawn mowing? Simply walking backwards while pushing the mower. Simple. But hold on! But hold your horses!

Imagine the scene: you wake up on a Saturday morning to a misty, cool breeze. You have just consumed your daily dose of caffeine. The lawn looks lush and vibrant. The process of starting can feel like the unpacking that follows a lengthy trip: overwhelming and never ending.

First, consider your lawn type. Each grass has unique characteristics. Kikuyu Buffalo or Couch? Each one has its own personality. It requires different frequencies, and different cutting heights. Kikuyu, for example, is the teenager of grasses–fast-growing and rebellious, needs taming more often. Buffalo is the chill uncle. He’s slow-growing and requires low maintenance.

It’s time to reveal a secret: I always make sure my mower blades are razor-sharp. Dull blades? Chop, don’t cut. Your lawn will appear like it’s been mowed badly. Imagine having a buzz cut with rusty snips. It’s not just about aesthetics.